SeaRobotics Receives Contract for Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Vehicles for International Hydrographic Service

SRC 2.5 USV Bridge Survey

SeaRobotics Corporation (SeaRobotics) has delivered two complete autonomous 2.5‑m unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) to a government hydrographic service. These USVs, built by SeaRobotics, are complete hydrographic systems, including multibeam echo sounders, support sensors, a cast winch, deployment carts, and road trailers.

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SeaRobotics Delivers Unmanned Surface Vehicle for Marine and Aquatic Research

A dynamic array of sensors for NC State’s Center for Marine Science and Technology (CMAST) will aid in valuable data collection.

STUART, Florida. – SeaRobotics Corporation (SeaRobotics) has delivered the USV 2.5, an autonomous 2.5 meter unmanned surface vehicle (USV) to the Center for Marine Science and Technology at North Carolina State University. The USV, built by SeaRobotics, was funded by an award from the National Science Foundation’s Marine Lab Facilities Program. Given the diverse capabilities of the USV, it will be utilized as both an experiential-based teaching tool and to conduct basic and applied research in lake, river, estuary and costal environments.

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SeaRobotics Delivers Bathymetric Unmanned Surface Vehicles to China

Two SeaRobotics USVs 4.0 have been delivered for bathymetric survey in China

STUART, Florida. – SeaRobotics Corporation (SeaRobotics) announced the delivery of two USV 4.0, bathymetric, autonomous 4 meter unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) to the Chinese market. The systems were sold and delivered through LinkOcean Technologies Ltd., SeaRobotics’ exclusive representative in China. The units will be used by two prestigious oceanographic institutions, The First Institute of Oceanography in Qingdao, and The Second Institute of Oceanography in Hangzhou to perform bathymetric surveys.

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SeaRobotics’ Tank Cleaning ROVs Increase Safety Among Inspectors

Tank Bug deployed on a Water Tower

The TankBUG cleans full, in-service tanks with new levels of safety and efficiency.

STUART, Florida. – SeaRobotics Corporation (SeaRobotics) announced the delivery of 5 production TankBUG remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems to the Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group of Henderson, Kentucky. Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group (PT&T) is an industry leader in the field of tank fabrication, installation, cleaning and inspection, with service operations throughout North America and internationally. Applicable to steel, concrete or fiberglass, the TankBUG provides safe, cost-effective removal of sediments and debris from water storage facilities and reservoirs. The reliability and efficiency of the TankBUG allows maintenance inspection to occur on a predictable schedule.

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