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Busy summer of ASV nearshore pipeline and cable surveys for O&G Majors

ASV Harry has been busy this summer conducting nearshore pipeline and cable inspection surveys for three major Oil & Gas companies.

For the first survey ASV Harry was configured with a full geophysical spread consisting of an Edgetech 6205/2205 multibeam/sidescan with integrated DW424 sub-bottom profiler, the Applanix POS MV Wavemaster and a Marine Magnetics ASV specific magnetometer. It was possible to simultaneously acquire the data from all of the sensors.

For the next survey it was back to the standard configuration of R2Sonic 2020 and POS MV. This time working in very shallow water from 5m water depth to the shore, which was approx 2 km from shore (we stopped at 0.3m water depth). This survey also involved flying the eBee UAV for the topography and we managed to survey out to 1.0 m water depth in some places, thereby overlapping with the multibeam data and enabling a seamless model.

Up to Norway for the third survey with a stop in Kiel, Germany to pick up a General Acoustics SubPro 2545 sub-bottom profiler to trial. This was fitted to the same bracket as the R2Sonic 2020 and POSMV.

The previous two surveys were beach launches but for this survey we were able to use a small harbour with a slipway which made launching and recovering very easy.

We learnt a great deal on these surveys and ASV Harry is now back in Florida being upgraded with our feedback and SeaRobotics’ system upgrades.


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Duncan Mallace
High Resolution Seabed Mapping Specialist & Ocean

Published on September 19, 2018

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