SeaRobotics’ Tank Cleaning ROVs Increase Safety Among Inspectors

Tank Bug deployed on a Water Tower

The TankBUG cleans full, in-service tanks with new levels of safety and efficiency.

STUART, Florida. – SeaRobotics Corporation (SeaRobotics) announced the delivery of 5 production TankBUG remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems to the Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group of Henderson, Kentucky. Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group (PT&T) is an industry leader in the field of tank fabrication, installation, cleaning and inspection, with service operations throughout North America and internationally. Applicable to steel, concrete or fiberglass, the TankBUG provides safe, cost-effective removal of sediments and debris from water storage facilities and reservoirs. The reliability and efficiency of the TankBUG allows maintenance inspection to occur on a predictable schedule.

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SeaRobotics Successfully Delivers TankBUG ROV System

SeaRobotics - TankBUG

The new water tank cleaning system provides operators with new levels of safety and efficiency.

STUART, Florida. – SeaRobotics Corporation (SeaRobotics) has announced the successful delivery of a TankBUG Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) system. Designed and constructed in its new high-specification manufacturing facility, the SeaRobotics TankBUG will now serve a leading water tank cleaning corporation in its efforts to provide safe and cost-efficient methods for removing sediments and debris from water storage facilities and reservoirs.

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SeaRobotics Delivers 5.7-m USV To NATO

SeaRobotics Corporation has delivered an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) in their 5.7-m hull series to the NATO's Center for Marine Research and Experimentation (CMRE). This general purpose USV will be utilized to improve payload capacity and efficiency of the impressive, fully autonomous, mine neutralization system developed at CMRE. With over 350 kg of payload, the ability to be configured as an all electric, or as a diesel electric hybrid system, it ability to reach speeds in excess of 5 meters/second, and providing a substantial payload deck, the 5.7 meter system will excel in numerous applications. Enhancing its role in mine neutralization operations or many other tasks, the system can ship worldwide in a standard 20 foot container. The engineered boat trailer doubles as a shipping cart and allows transport of the exceptionally stable USV at a reduced beam on the road or in a container.

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CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. Completes Sea Trials Of Its New USV

The Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) is the latest tool in CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. Completes Sea Trials of its new USV scientific equipment pool, providing the company with a unique capability for performing a wide variety of surveys in hazardous, remote, sensitive, and shallow water areas. The USV can be pre-programmed or controlled remotely to perform survey transects, while recording and/or streaming data back to its command center. The vehicle has the payload, power, and data bandwidth to carry a variety of sensors – supporting both scientific and geophysical surveys.

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ASV 2.5 Offshore
ASV 3.6 Running at 12 knots
Tank Bug large tank