Intelligent, Versatile and Retrofittable

The SR CyberHelm System is a family of systems and sub-systems that can be retrofitted to a wide variety of existing or new marine assets, transforming a vessel from manned to unmanned or autonomous operations.

With the SR-CyberHelm system, any workboat can be converted into an unmanned vessel so that potentially hazardous applications or environments can now be navigated with an unmanned and autonomous vehicle.

SeaRobotics specializes in converting survey boats and retrofitting them for autonomous operations. Retrofitting is also the solution to removing personal out of harms way or work that needs to be conducted in hazardous environments.


  • Survey
  • AUV/ROV husbandry
  • Hazard response
    • Oil spill
    • Fire rescue
    • Chemical contamination
  • Fleet Surveillance 
  • People movers


  • SR CyberHelm Control Hub
    • Complete vessel command and control
      • Manual
      • Remote
      • Autonomous
  • SR CyberHelm Actuation Package
    • Remote command and control of ancillary equipment
      • Winches
      • Deployment systems
      • Launch and recovery systems
      • Pumping systems
  • SR CyberHelm Sensor Package
    • Complete integration of hydrographic sensor suites

Past conversions

ASV 2.5 Offshore
ASV 3.6 Running at 12 knots
Tank Bug large tank