Hull Bio-inspired Underwater Grooming System

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Product Desription

  • Autonomous Operation or Remotely Operated Vehicle
  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous hulls
  • Ship hulls
  • Drill Ships
  • FPSOs
  • FSOs
  • 4 Wheel Drive of Track Drive

Hull Grooming

Proactive Grooming is the process of frequent grooming of a ship hull for the purpose of maintaining the hull in a clean state by removing fouling at a bio-film level. Removing this "micro-fouling" keeps mature, or hard fouling from developing on the hull. Implementation of proactive grooming by the world fleet will save $Billions of annually, while greatly reducing the tonnage of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emitted!

Hull Inspection

Detection of defects and material degradation can be identified by measuring plate thickness, coating thickness, or corrosion potential

Other applications

Proactive grooming can be used in various applications such as oil and gas production platforms, power plant inlets, large tank systems, and aquaculture

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