The HullBUG System is a semi-autonomous underwater vehicle designed to crawl on ship hulls or other underwater structures and "proactively groom" the surface. Developed by SeaRobotics and funded by ONR, this highly automated proactive grooming (or light cleaning) process will revolutionize hull maintenance, allowing ship hulls to remain in a clean state at all times.

The benefits of improved hull condition are dramatic—the estimated 5% improvement in fuel efficiency achieved through proactive grooming translates into a savings of $15 billion per year for the shipping industry worldwide as well as reduction in the 1 billion tons of greenhouse gases emitted by the fleet.
Grooming and cleaning
Video inspection
Maintain anti-fouling and foul release coatings
Improve fuel economy
Reduce transport of non-indigenous species
Hull damage assessment
Structures inspection
Power plant intake inspection and grooming
Water tank cleaning
Compass, attitude
Video with LED
High frequency sonar
Fiber optic gyro
Hull plate thickness sensing
Health sensors
Additional sensors possible
Length 1.5 meters
Width 1.1 meters
Height .73 meters
Weight 363 kg*
Speed 0-.5 m/sec
Coverage rate 1000 m2/hr
*Dependent on sensors/tools

Reduce operating costsSafely filter pollutantsRemove divers from port waters

ASV 2.5 Offshore
ASV 3.6 Running at 12 knots
Tank Bug large tank