Engineering Services

SeaRobotics specializes in developing products and technology for the ocean and marine industries, producing autonomous, semi-autonomous and remote-control systems.Our focus remains on providing solutions for the commercial, government, and defense markets around the world, but we also offer engineering and fabrication services and have the ability to design and manufacture complex composite parts, safety components, and high-concept systems.

Manufacturing Services

Our experienced engineers have developed numerous products from concept, through visualization and final product. Our fabrication group, housed in our high-specification manufacturing facility, has a wide range of capabilities; certified welding, NDE inspection, and CNC machining, as well as use of extended size range manual machines. Our specialty materials handling and materials traceability certifications help streamline our manufacturing process. In addition, we engineer, build and safety certify roller coasters and amusement rides.

ASV 2.5 Offshore
ASV 3.6 Running at 12 knots
Tank Bug large tank