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USV 4.0 Successful Sea Trials

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. Completes Sea Trials Of Its New USV

The Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) is the latest tool in CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. Completes Sea Trials of its new USV scientific equipment pool, providing the company with a unique capability for performing a wide variety of surveys in hazardous, remote, sensitive, and shallow water areas. The USV can be pre-programmed or controlled remotely to perform survey transects, while recording and/or streaming data back to its command center. The vehicle has the payload, power, and data bandwidth to carry a variety of sensors – supporting both scientific and geophysical surveys.

"CSA has utilized USV technology in the past to collect data in areas traditional vessels could not access," stated Kevin Peterson, CEO of CSA. "This technology allows us to reach areas and collect data in a precise, safe, and efficient manner unlike any other marine asset available today."

In its base mode, the vehicle will be outfitted with a survey-grade echosounder, side-scan sonar, and multi-beam sonar. However, it can be reconfigured with additional sensors for survey-specific requirements.

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