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        At our state-of-the-art fabrication and testing facility in Stuart FL, our expert engineering capabilities extend beyond marine robotics. Over the years, we have partnered with a number of world-renowned theme parks to develop a variety of highly sophisticated safety and control systems for entertainment rides and other essential park infrastructure.

        This division of SeaRobotics has developed into a leading provider of custom solutions and complex parts for the theme park entertainment industry and boasts some of the most recognized designers and engineers in this field.

        Ride Equipment & Complex Component Design

        Our seasoned team of highly qualified engineers and fabrication specialists is fully equipped to design and manufacture complex parts and custom structures. Our engineering services department is supported by a fully equipped onsite assembly plant—including cutting-edge CNC machinery, mills, weld shop, and NDT equipment—conveniently located just off the I-95/FL Turnpike, in Central Florida.

        Our services include complex geometric molding, thematic paint and finish, and structural test and evaluation.
        Custom Design
        • Custom Design
        • Light weight door
        • Door closing mechanism
        • Weight restrictions
        • Operator closed
        • Auto open
        • Lock open
        • Lock closed
        • Tight schedule
        Complex Shapes
        • Silicon molds
        • Complex geometries
        Thematic Paint & Finish
        • Intricate paint schemes
        • Interface with creative direction
        Composite Structures
        • Dynamic components
        • Light weight construction
        • Structural analysis​​

        Roller Coaster Switches, Chain Lifts & Brakes

        At SeaRobotics, whether developing autonomous systems for the rigors of the planet’s harshest marine environments or the vigor of the world’s most exhilarating theme park rides, our track record for delivering failproof control systems and parts is what guarantees that safety remains the top priority.

        When it comes to designing roller coasters, every ride is different and subject to different forces at different times. But the building blocks remain the same: a launch system; a chain lift; block brakes; and trim brakes. These are essentially the elements that keep the roller coaster cars moving along the track as designed. At SeaRobotics, not only are we staffed to help park owners conceptualize, design and engineer a new ride, but we are equipped to fabricate these elements to the highest safety and manufacturing specifications.

        Autonomous Water Platforms

        SeaRobotics has now expanded its offerings to include specialized Autonomous Water Platforms (AWPs) of all sizes for entertainment applications in water environments such as water parades and water spectaculars. There are AWPs as small as a personal watercraft for towing a kite or inflatable to massive moving stages for scenery, effects, and live performances.

        These new products are based on the same state-of-the-art, custom-built offshore equipment utilized in mission critical applications in punishing marine environments throughout the world. Each and every element of any project—from concept through to final build—takes place under one roof in Stuart FL, where we fuse cutting-edge technology with pioneering design to define our tight portfolio of leading products and services.

        Benefits of using autonomous water platforms:

        • Budget savings as operators are not required on each platform.
        • Platforms can be positioned and stay out in the water indefinitely.
        • Safety benefits as less chance of accidents due to human error.
        • Precise positioning every time based on navigation & control system.

        Live Performance Stage

        This AWP can be configured in various sizes to accommodate as many performers as required. There are opportunities to add scenic elements, audio and lighting as well.

        Fire Effects Platform

        This AWP is especially configured to support fire effects. This is an excellent example of an application that requires an autonomous system for safety.

        Inflatable Towing Tender

        An AWP that resembles a small personal watercraft can be used for towing kites, banners and inflatables. Several AWPs can be used in concert as tenders for a large inflatable.

        Fountain / Water Screen

        This AWP configuration supports pumps and fountains for water show applications. Additional systems such as dynamic positioning can be incorporated for larger fountain and water effects.

        Fog Screen Projection

        This AWP configuration supports targeted fog effect production and dispersion for projection applications.

        Drone Show Launch Platform

        This AWP configuration expands the capabilities of a drone show by providing a remote launch platform on the water. This can be a very dramatic image at night.

        Scenic and Show Action

        This AWP can be configured with a combination of scenic and show action equipment and be used as a parade float or other show element.

        Lights, Lasers & Scenic

        This AWP comes in a variety of configurations for supporting dedicated lighting or laser equipment and for small to medium scenic elements.

        Pyrotechnics Launch Platform

        Similar to a traditional pyrotechnics barge, an AWP can be loaded, positioned and retrieved remotely. This is another example of an application that uses autonomy for safety.

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