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SeaRobotics’ SR-Surveyor M1.8 is Now Available for Rental

SeaRobotics’ SR-Surveyor M1.8 is Now Available for Rental

SeaRobotics Corporation announced a new partnership with Okeanus Science & Technology (Okeanus), an established provider of oceanographic rental equipment and turnkey survey solutions, in a move to make Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs) increasingly available for international rental.

The SR-Surveyor M1.8, a tightly integrated ASV from SeaRobotics’ Surveyor Class, is the latest edition to Okeanus’ growing portfolio of man-portable survey solutions and is available for rental immediately. The SR-Surveyor M1.8 was designed to streamline survey logistics and optimize data acquisition in shallow and hard-to-navigate waters.

“The SR-Surveyor M1.8 is the complete package for bathymetry, habitat mapping, structure inspection and search and rescue,” according to SeaRobotics president Don Darling. “ It is the only compact autonomous system on the market right now that offers such a diverse range of simultaneous data sets: two frequencies of side scan, motion tolerant side scan, wide swath bathymetry, backscatter, LiDAR point cloud data, and discharge data, supported by a dual antenna RTK INS, and surface velocity sensor—all in a 1.8-meter package.”

The SR-Surveyor M1.8 supports an integrated sensor suite that includes an EdgeTech multibeam echosounder and Velodyne Puck LiDAR, which enables the system to render a 360-degree view of all data points and makes it the perfect solution for inspecting coastal infrastructure, such as near-shore pipelines, bridges, piers, and underwater structures.

Speaking of the new partnership, Okeanus managing director Benton LeBlanc said:

“Having the SR-Surveyor M1.8 available for rental affords hydrographic survey operators access to game-changing technology without the long-term capital investment. We are confident that our partnership with SeaRobotics and our shared commitment to expand this fleet of ASV rentals will offer our clients the choice and flexibility they need to respond to their end customers with fit-for-purpose proposals.”

To find out more information about the SR-Surveyor M1.8, click here.

Find out how to rent the SR-Surveyor M1.8 or other oceanographic equipment offered by Okeanus, by visiting their website here.

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