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TankBUG inside tank

SeaRobotics Successfully Delivers TankBUG ROV System

The new water tank cleaning system provides operators with new levels of safety and efficiency.

SeaRobotics Corporation (SeaRobotics) has announced the successful delivery of a TankBUG Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) system. Designed and constructed in its new high-specification manufacturing facility, the SeaRobotics TankBUG will now serve a leading water tank cleaning corporation in its efforts to provide safe and cost-efficient methods for removing sediments and debris from water storage facilities and reservoirs.

The TankBUG ROV system design consists of a vehicle deployed and operated within water storage tanks for sediment removal and inspection on the tank floor. A gas powered pump, separate from the vehicle and outside of the tank, creates the required flow and suction at the vehicle vacuum head transporting sediment out of the tank. Nimble and lightweight, the TankBUG can reach a water depth of 120 feet (36.6 meters) and can produce a suction flow of 100 gallons/minute (379 liters/minute) utilizing an umbilical and hose that is 250 feet (76.2 meters) in length.

As safety takes the forefront in confined space operations, the TankBUG represents a growing initiative to help provide the water tank cleaning marketplace with a viable approach for reducing and mitigating human risk in the industry. While human diver operations require a number of precautions like dual tethers and redundant air supply systems, the TankBUG ROV system can be deployed rapidly without these measures and still safely function.

With the need for workplace safety growing every day, SeaRobotics is positioned to meet the increased demand. “The delivery of our first TankBUG is a great example of our ability to adapt our robotic marine products to new and diverse applications. The TankBUG water tank cleaning product evolved from our HullBUG product line developed for the ship hull cleaning market. The TankBUG will provide exceptional service in the water tank cleaning market, including potable water storage, as well as in a diverse array of process water storage applications,” said Don Darling, President of SeaRobotics.

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