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Tank Bug deployed on a Water Tower

SeaRobotics’ Tank Cleaning ROVs Increase Safety Among Inspectors

The TankBUG cleans full, in-service tanks with new levels of safety and efficiency.

SeaRobotics Corporation (SeaRobotics) announced the delivery of 5 production TankBUG remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems to the Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group of Henderson, Kentucky. Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group (PT&T) is an industry leader in the field of tank fabrication, installation, cleaning and inspection, with service operations throughout North America and internationally. Applicable to steel, concrete or fiberglass, the TankBUG provides safe, cost-effective removal of sediments and debris from water storage facilities and reservoirs. The reliability and efficiency of the TankBUG allows maintenance inspection to occur on a predictable schedule.

Fabricated in SeaRobotics’ high-specification manufacturing facility, the TankBUG ROV system is built around a compact reliable vehicle base with a forward-mounted articulated suction and brushing assembly. The design has been optimized to handle the rigors of working on ground and elevated storage tanks. Regular cleaning and inspection of in-service tanks without the use of divers will reduce the cost of maintenance, improve tank life, and reduce the risk to human life. When equipped with plate thickness, coating thickness, and other sensors, the TankBUG inspection report will lead to proactive maintenance procedures.

“Use of TankBUG has allowed us to improve the efficiency of cleaning and inspection, improve the safety of operations, and reduce the disruption of our client’s processes,” stated Shawn Potoka, Manager of Field Operations of PT&T. “We have been pleased with the TankBUG’s performance after numerous cleanings, and it has been well received by our clients. Without TankBUG we were required to manually drain the tanks, then clean and inspect them. That could take up to 3 days. The equivalent process with a TankBUG can be done in one day,” stated Shawn.

“The acceptance of TankBUG in the marketplace is an example of the growing market for service robots. With TankBUG and our related HullBUG product line of ship hull grooming, cleaning and inspection vehicles, we look forward to servicing an expanding robotic vehicle market offering derivative products,” said Don Darling, President of SeaRobotics.

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