The TankBUG evolved from the HullBUG product line and is adapted to the water tank cleaning market, specifically for reasons of safety. Confined space operations can be risky and we saw a need for a viable product that would reduce human risk in the tank cleaning market.

The TankBUG removes the human and risk factor out of the equation and the unit safely and efficiently cleans and inspect tanks and confined spaces. The inspection can determine if there is any corrosion or damage that needs to be addressed or repaired. TankBUGs come with multiple sensors that allow them to tackle a variety of tasks that can aid in cleaning or be of value in and of themselves.
Tank Cleaning
Tank Inspection
Corrosion Detection
Plant Reservoir Cleaning
Process Well Cleaning
Compass, Attitude Sensors
Depth Sensor
Video With LED Illumination
Optional Sonar
Plate Thickness Sensing
Health Sensors
Customer Specified Sensors
Length .80 meters
Width .50 meters
Height .40 meters
Weight 45 kg
Speed 0-.5 m/sec
Depth Rating 37 Meters
Power 110 /220 VAC,50/60 Hz
Flow Rate 380 Liters/Min.
Brush 100 RPM

Tank inspectionsRemove divers from tanksTank cleaning

ASV 2.5 Offshore
ASV 3.6 Running at 12 knots
Tank Bug large tank