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SeaRobotics Expands Unmanned ASV Product Line

SeaRobotics Expands Unmanned ASV Product Line

SeaRobotics expands HYCAT sensing offerings while fielding new 7.0 meter Manned/Unmanned ASV workboat with integrated Launch and Recovery System

SeaRobotics is extending the capability of the man-portable ASV product line. This highly integrated water quality ASV, will be retooled and offered with a professional grade hydrographic survey and terrestrial sensor suite. The new ASV will provide above and below the surface point cloud data, underwater acoustic imagery, and acoustic doppler current profiling.

SeaRobotics Completes First HYCAT Production Run

SeaRobotics Completes First HYCAT Production Run

Man-Portable Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Hydrographic Surveys was developed in partnership with Xylem Inc.

STUART, Fla., January 15, 2018 — SeaRobotics Corporation (SeaRobotics) today announced that it has completed the first production run of the HYCAT Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) in partnership with Xylem, USA. This unique ASV, offered by both Xylem and SeaRobotics, provides exceptional tools leading to an out of the box plug and play survey solution. HYCAT’s small portable form factor and shallow draft allow deployment in the most challenging environments with minimal support.

SeaRobotics Delivers 3.6 Meter Collapsible ASV to USACE

SeaRobotics Delivers 3.6 Meter Collapsible ASV to USACE

Through a partnership with Echo81, the Autonomous Surface Vehicle allows for rapid post-hurricane response.

STUART, Fla., September 6, 2018 — SeaRobotics Corporation (SeaRobotics) delivered an Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) to the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers for rapid post-hurricane hydrographic survey in the Caribbean. After a severe climatic event, such as a hurricane, hazards to navigation impede the rapid delivery of aide as well as access to critical infrastructure through ports and harbors. Use of the SeaRobotics’ 3.6 meter, collapsible ASV will allow rapid deployment and completion of the hydrographic surveys necessary to re-open infrastructure enabling delivery of life saving goods and services.

SeaRobotics CHS 2.5meter USV

SeaRobotics Delivers Two Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Vehicles to the Canadian Hydrographic Service

CHS USV fleet increases to four SeaRobotics 2.5 meter USVs

STUART, Fla.SeaRobotics Corporation (SeaRobotics) today announced the delivery of two additional 2.5 meter autonomous unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) to the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS), a part of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, bringing the fleet to four systems. These USVs, built by SeaRobotics, are complete hydrographic systems including multibeam echo sounders, support sensors, cast winches, deployment carts and road trailers.

Lou Dennis Joins SeaRobotics

Dennis joins SeaRobotics as Director of Programs

STUART, Florida

SeaRobotics Corporation (SeaRobotics) is pleased to announce that Lou Dennis has joined the firm as Director of Programs based at the company's headquarters in Stuart, Florida. Lou brings decades of industry experience to SeaRobotics backed by a deep knowledge of the technology needs of a range of customers.

ASV Harry

SeaRobotics Appoints 4D Ocean as a Reseller for Northern Europe

SeaRobotics is pleased to announce that 4D Ocean has been selected as its reseller for Northern Europe.

As a leading company in the use of autonomous systems, 4D Ocean will provide sales and support for SeaRobotics’ autonomous surface vessels (ASVs) to survey companies, scientific research organizations, ports, offshore energy companies and mapping agencies. This also extends to a broad range of survey and scientific equipment which can be installed onto the ASVs. Full training on the vessel, sonar equipment, and software will also be provided by 4D Ocean.

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